Yes were the sound that you've processed  with all the amps and such, is produced.

Heres the plans for my bass unit. with an internal folded horn for tuning.

sorry for the bad photo but I have my TV standing on top of it at the moment.

This is another 18 inch bass speaker awaiting me to finish its cabinet. to finish the pair.

the next cabinet is a old one that i had, which I have up rated the speakers in and added a port.

this has a 8 inch 200watt mid range speaker at the top, and a 10 inch 200watt bass range speaker at the bottom. there is a passive 3 way cross over unit mounted in side, there is to be a tweeter unit to go with this cabinet, with two tweeter units and a 6 inch top range unit. and Yea another thing on my list to make when the weather improves.