-- FallOut --

I am currently playing Fall out 3 and New Vages,

and as I am known for fiddling with things and seeing how they work, I ve got in to moding these game with the G.E.C.K and nifscope / blender / hexegon and daz 3d ,

and not forgetting gimp for the textures...

I was working on this 10mm sub gun with new textures and up rating the damage.

I have loaded in FO3 alice as a companion so I moded the texture on combate armor for her with Hello kitty on and in pink demin !!!!!!,

hello Kitty child skin under wear texture ( with odd soaks) - oh yes and a bad ass scorpion tattoo


hello Kitty armor texture


Hula Girl model

better Texture I am working on for a 7 foot hula locker container