Electronic Principles.

This is the part of the web site were I will try, to enlighten people on the basics of electronics for hobbies.

The fist thing every one who does electronics says, is that you should know ohms law.

So here it is:-


Voltage (V or E) = ohms x current.                   

and then so :-                                                                                             

ohms = voltage / current               


current (A or I)= voltage / ohms            

So there it is you now know every thing you need to know, well not quit there is a little bit more to it than that!!!!

But at least it the right starting point.

Voltage (V) is the potential for supplying current.

Current (A) is the flow of electrons. Measured in Amperes, the only thing is electrons flow in the opposite direction to current. Mr Ampere had a 50 - 50 chance in getting the direction right and he chose the wrong direction but it stuck. He said that current flows from the positive side of a battery to the negative side.

Ohms (omga) is the measurement of the resistance to the flow of current.