Sponge pudding time

Here's a note from my Mum.

( so you better take note as my mum was brought up during the war (don't ask which one))

Sponge pudding:-

This is for a microwave for one person, it takes about 3 mins in a 800watt micro. and about 10 mins prep time.

you need a small micro bowl, I use one I got after eating a shop bought one, its been used about a dozen times now and still good ( money saving tip).

Its good with brown sugar to, and even tried with a little pinch of ginger spice, have fun its so simple. 

You can add the sultanas or resins with the wet mix before putting in to micro, of in bottom of bowl then add the wet mix.

N.B. oh yes the B.P. is baking powder ?? this toke me a long time to figure out. douh!!!!!!!!!!

You are also going to need a buttered bowl :-