Here's a nice and easy way to make Pie's:-
This deliciously moist Chocolate, Banana and Toffee Pie is the way to GO


Chocolate, Banana and Toffee Pie.


Thanks to the 70 classic



You need the following:-    

( Takes approx 3 hours to make and bake ( cook time 2 hours and makes 6)
 ( oh sorry just enough  for me or one person)

one cooker top ( the rings bit) (You will need an adult for this bit so get your granny)

23cm/9 in Loose-based flan tin.
A fridge for cooling bisciut base in
2 mixing bowls
a pan of hot water to warm the Can of condensed milk.
a chopping board and sharp knife. (to slice the Banana with)
a wire rack to cool on
a mixing spoon.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For the Pie Base ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

65g/2.5 oz / 5 tbsp unsalted butter, melted.
250g/ 9oz milk chocolate digestive biscuits, crushed.
Chocolate curls, to decorate.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For the filling ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

2397g / 13 oz can of condensed milk.
150g/ 5oz plain chocolate, roughly chopped.
120ml / 4 fl oz / half a cup of Creme fraiche.
15ml/ 1 tbsp golden syrup.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For the Topping~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

2 large bananas, about 200g / 8oz.
    when peeled, roughly chopped
250ml / 8 fl oz / A cup of Creme fraiche.
10ml / 2 tbsp strong black coffee.

You will need an adult for this bit so get your mummy
1/ Mix the melted butter with the biscuit crumbs. (melt the butter in a heat res glass bowl over hot water).

Press the butter biscuit mix, on to the base and sides of the flan tin.

Chill in the fridge.

2/ Make the filling. Place the unopened can of condensed milk in a deep saucepan of boiling water,

making sure that it is completly covered. Lower the heat and simmer, covered for 2 hours,

topping up the water as neccesssary.

The can must remain covered for at all times.

3/ Remove the pan from the heat and set aside, covered, until the can has cooled down completly in the water.

Do not attempt to open the can until it is completly cold.

4/ Gently melt the chocolate with the creme fraiche and the golden syrup

in a heat proof bowl over a sucepan of simmering water.

Stir in the caramelised condensed milk and beat until evenly mixed.

pour the filling into the biscuit crust and spread it evenly.

5/ Slice the banana evenly and arrange the over the filling.

6/ Stir the creme fraiche and coffee together in a bowl,

then spoon the mixture over the bananas..

Sprinkle the chocolate curls on top.

Alternatively, omit the creme fraiche topping and decorate
with whipped cream and extra banana slices.

You will need an adult for this bit so get your aunitie.

You will need an adult for this bit so get your dad.

now you should have you gran, mum, gran pa, dad, uncle, sister, brother, ectra.
Then eat and enjoy.

With a nice cup of tea. (Or coffee). Site back and relax you deserve this time.

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